Cabbage Soup Diet



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7-Day Cabbage Soup Diet

Some Cabbage Facts and Stories

The name ‘cabbage’ is derived from the French term ‘caboche’, which means ‘head’.


Getting to Know the Cabbage

Cabbage is popular for its discovered medicinal and therapeutic properties.


What a Cabbage Can Do?

Cabbage indeed has been used both as a food and a medicine for quite a long time.


Selecting, Storing, and Serving Cabbage

Proper selection, storage, and serving of cabbage is helpful, especially with those who follow the Cabbage Soup Diet.


Cabbage Cultivation

cabbage is a tough vegetable that grows well when planted in fertile soils.




































New Weight Loss Formula

Many Hollywood celebrities are using it to jumpstart their weight loss plans.




































The Cabbage Soup Diet is a typical example of “magical” food diets. It is primarily based on the claims that the cabbages have special fat-burning abilities, though not yet scientifically proven. There have been many different versions of this diet but the traditional cabbage soup diet allows you to eat as much cabbage as you want. However, no authority claims to be the originator of the cabbage soup diet.


Basing on a simple 7-day diet, the cabbage soup diet is very restrictive. It is a low-fat, high-fiber, low-calorie diet, directed towards rapid weight loss.


The primary foods allowed throughout the diet include large quantities of cabbage soup (as much as possible, at least once a day), vegetables, fruit, and beef, but not all of these together, distributed day to day. Alcohol is particularly not allowed, only water and unsweetened fruit juices when suitable.


Like any other diet weight loss programs, the cabbage soup diet also has its advantages and disadvantages that we should know.


The ADVANTAGES of this diet are as follows:


1. You loose more weight as you eat more cabbage;

2. You can eat as much as cabbage soup as you want throughout the diet;

3. Cabbage soup has high water content, and water has been a proven way to keep your self well hydrated at all times;

4. The diet is known to be high in fiber and less in calories compared to others;

5. Because of the soup’s composition, you will not be left feeling hungry;

6. This soup will not strip meat from your diet, since you will still be allowed to eat beef during the diet;

7. The diet only lasts for seven days.


On the other hand, are a few DISADVANTAGES regarding the cabbage soup diet and they are as follows:


1. A reported side effect of this diet is that it is supposed to give a headache to those who undergo it;

2. The cabbage soup diet is only effective for weight loss during the first week. It is not meant for a long term diet, that is why people who undergo the diet need to transfer to another diet regimen;

3. Since the diet is to be followed for seven days only, it does not guarantee lifelong results;

4. The diet restricts other types of drinks other than water or unsweetened juices. Curbing your cravings for alcohol, sodas and milky drinks may be difficult;

5. Instead of loosing fat and water. The cabbage soup diet attacks your muscles and you end up loosing precious muscle tissue;

6. Due to the restricted amount of calories, you may feel low energy levels throughout the diet;

7. Unlimited cabbage may not sound unappealing, especially to those who basically do not like cabbages;

8. The diet lacks the vitamins and minerals necessary for the preservation of a healthy body.


This diet is only a quick fix type of diet and should not be taken for more than the recommended duration. If you are looking to loose more weight than just the few pounds shed with the Cabbage Soup Diet, it is recommended that you seek the help of professional dieticians.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Cabbage Soup Diet