Cabbage Soup Diet



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7-Day Cabbage Soup Diet

Some Cabbage Facts and Stories

The name ‘cabbage’ is derived from the French term ‘caboche’, which means ‘head’.


Getting to Know the Cabbage

Cabbage is popular for its discovered medicinal and therapeutic properties.


What a Cabbage Can Do?

Cabbage indeed has been used both as a food and a medicine for quite a long time.


Selecting, Storing, and Serving Cabbage

Proper selection, storage, and serving of cabbage is helpful, especially with those who follow the Cabbage Soup Diet.


Cabbage Cultivation

cabbage is a tough vegetable that grows well when planted in fertile soils.




































New Weight Loss Formula

Many Hollywood celebrities are using it to jumpstart their weight loss plans.




































Aside from the Cabbage Soup Diet, this vegetable can be served in many ways. The cabbage is a sturdy, abundant and inexpensive plant. It has been a longstanding dietary staple in the whole wide world. Cabbage is typically round in shape. It has layers of superimposed leaves wherein the inner leaves are often lighter in color than those leaves outside since they are protected from the light and heat of the sun.





The activity of the enzyme called myrosinase form the anti carcinogenic chemical in cabbage called glucosinolates. Myosinase is released when the cabbage is chopped or sliced. Cooking also denatures the myrosinase enzyme, inhibiting the production of glucosinolates. Thus, proper cabbage preparation and correct cooking methods are really vital for receiving the most of its cancer-preventive chemicals.


Though the inside leaves of the cabbage are clean because it is protected by the outer leaves, there is still a need to clean it. The thick and fibrous outer leaves are removed and the cabbage is cut into pieces. After which, it is washed under running water.

Organically grown cabbage may have some signs of worms or insects. This can still be edible. All you have to do first is soak the head of the cabbage in vinegar water or salt water for 15-20 minutes. To preserve the cabbage’s vitamin C content, cut and wash it right before cooking or eating it. A stainless steel knife is advised for cutting the cabbage since the phytonutrients that it contains react with carbon steel, turning the leaves black.


To facilitate the production of the most glucosinolates, it is recommended that a cabbage is sliced or chopped and letting it sit for 5-10 minutes before cooking. Furthermore, it should be cooked lightly, steaming or sautéing for not more than 5 minutes.


The red or purple cabbage leaves may be used to hold side dishes or salads on the plate. This will give a more colorful and attractive presentation. The heads of the cabbage can also be hollowed out and be used as exceptional serving containers for spreads and cold dips. Red and purple ones make outstanding centerpieces when used as a container.


One popular cabbage recipe you can order in a restaurant or prepare and serve during special gatherings or even include in your daily meals is the infamous ‘Coleslaw’. The Dutch were the ones to come up with this cabbage dish, which combines cabbage that is shredded or finely chiffonaded and mayonnaise. It is commonly served as a cold side for dishes. It is oftentimes served at fish fries, barbecues, picnics, and other meals.


Another famous recipe is the Sauerkraut. Immigrants from Germany brought this dish to the United States of America. It consists mainly of chopped cabbage that has been salted and fermented. This method was originally used to preserve the vegetable for cold barren months.


So after you have tried the Cabbage Soup Diet, you can always explore some other ways to enjoy this vegetable. Make sure you observe the proper way to prepare it to get the most anti cancer benefit it can offer.




Cooking the Cabbage Properly