Cabbage Soup Diet
7-Day Cabbage Soup Recipe Recommended by Dieticians



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7-Day Cabbage Soup Diet

Some Cabbage Facts and Stories

The name ‘cabbage’ is derived from the French term ‘caboche’, which means ‘head’.


Getting to Know the Cabbage

Cabbage is popular for its discovered medicinal and therapeutic properties.


What a Cabbage Can Do?

Cabbage indeed has been used both as a food and a medicine for quite a long time.


Selecting, Storing, and Serving Cabbage

Proper selection, storage, and serving of cabbage is helpful, especially with those who follow the Cabbage Soup Diet.


Cabbage Cultivation

cabbage is a tough vegetable that grows well when planted in fertile soils.



































The Diet Solution

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There are a lot of people who have not been successful in losing weight.  Maybe they did not follow the right guidelines of the diet.  Or maybe they did not have the right food discipline to maintain their weight after shedding off the excess pounds.


Statistics show that out of the people who have lost weight rapidly on diet plans like Cabbage Soup Diet, 95% of them have gained their weight back within a year.  So in order to be successful in dieting, it is best to understand your diet plan correctly and take proactive steps to keep your newfound weight.


Understanding Cabbage Soup Diet

Cabbage Soup Diet is very simple.  It does not rely on diet pills, exercise routines, or dietary supplements to lose weight.  Instead you just need to follow one strict dietary regimen in 7 days.


Because this is a rigid diet, you need to stay away from sit-down restaurants or fast food because there’s nothing in there that would fit this diet.  Basically, if you will just strictly stick to it, you will lose 10 pounds or more in one week.


And since it is a low-calorie diet, your pounds will naturally disappear.  However, your new weight may not remain after getting off the diet.


Guidelines for a Successful Diet  

Cabbage Soup Diet relies on food combinations to avoid hunger and to lower the calories that you take in.  This is the best option for you to eat all the time when you are craving for food.


You can eat the following: 

•  Cabbage Soup (typically, you will need 2 bowls of this everyday for one week)

•  Fruit (bananas can only be eaten on certain days)

•  Vegetables (eat leafy and green ones, raw ones are also accepted but avoid peas, beans, and corn)

•  Some baked or broiled chicken (skinless)

•  Some lean meat


While following the diet plan, consider these tips:


•  Never go hungry and eat lots of cabbage soup.

•  You can use spices to add flavor to the soup.

•  Do not drink sugared drinks or alcohol.

•  Drink a lot of water (about 32-64 ounces daily).

•  Take multivitamins daily to fill in the extra nutrients that you don’t get on the diet.


Since Cabbage Soup Diet is low in calories, it is expected that you will feel lightheaded during the entire diet period.  So before you start any diet, you should always consult your physician.  Also, remember that this is just a weeklong diet, and it should never be extended more than 7 days.



Best Way to Lose Weight after the Diet


If you treat your body very well, it’ll treat you well too – this is according to Cowell Health Educator Laurie Lang.  A Cabbage Soup Diet will help you to lose weight; however, the difficult part is keeping that weight off forever.  


According to American Heart Association, you need to eat a diet rich in whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, and low-fat or fat-free dairy products.  If done with a regular physical activity, you can maintain and manage weight loss both for appearance and cardiovascular health.

Guidelines for a Success Cabbage Soup Diet