Cabbage Soup Diet



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7-Day Cabbage Soup Diet

Some Cabbage Facts and Stories

The name ‘cabbage’ is derived from the French term ‘caboche’, which means ‘head’.


Getting to Know the Cabbage

Cabbage is popular for its discovered medicinal and therapeutic properties.


What a Cabbage Can Do?

Cabbage indeed has been used both as a food and a medicine for quite a long time.


Selecting, Storing, and Serving Cabbage

Proper selection, storage, and serving of cabbage is helpful, especially with those who follow the Cabbage Soup Diet.


Cabbage Cultivation

cabbage is a tough vegetable that grows well when planted in fertile soils.



































The Diet Solution

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What do you think people look for in diet programs?  Results!  And nobody has the luxury of time to wait for several months to see the difference.  They want it fast!  The faster the results, the better review they will give it.


This is why Cabbage Soup Diet is a popular choice.  It is tailor-fitted for those who need it fast – a bride who is in dire need to fit into her dress or a mother who wants to lose pounds after giving birth.  And if other people can be successful, you can lose weight with it too!



Plan of Action


You only need 7 days on this diet and you can already see astounding results.  The recipe’s main ingredient is a cabbage – a vegetable with a peculiar smell.  Be forewarned that if you can’t stand its smell, you might want to consider a cabbage soup pill instead.


However, you need to inform your medical practitioner first before adopting any diet program.  This is a standard procedure because you need to put things on record.  You’ll never know if a problem suddenly appears or if you need emergency medical intervention.


Basically, the cabbage has a few calories but with plenty of nutrients.  You can turn it into a soup and make it a filler meal.  So if your stomach is filled with cabbage soup, you will get filled and it would kill your hunger.  In a week, a sizable fat portion in your body will be consumed as energy since the soup does not provide calories.


Adopt this cabbage soup in your diet with a combination of fresh fruits and vegetables according to your preference.  Exclude bananas first from your fruit list for the first 4 days.  On the 5th day, you can consume some tomatoes and meat (only beef or chicken allowed – no pork).  On the 6th and 7th day, you can have rice together with your meat and soup.  



Putting the Weight Back On


It has been proven that more than two-thirds of dieters pile the pounds back on.  Therefore, it raises the danger of diabetes, stroke, and heart attack.  Dr. Traci Mann (researcher) said that sustained weight loss was only found in a minority of dieters.


The analysis was published in American Psychologist journal.  Mann further said that the participants are better off without going into diet at all because their weight have been the same, they could have been spared of the wear and tear in losing weight and then gaining it back again.



Maintaining a Healthy Weight


Psychologists say that exercise is the key factor to maintain your weight loss after a diet.  Better yet, combining it with a good diet plan such as Cabbage Soup Diet will generate the most results.


As confirmed by Dr. Beckie Lang from the Study of Obesity Association, diet is not about reaching your target weight and then putting it all back on.  What you would probably do next is to go on a diet again, which is bad for your health.


It’s all about making long-term changes.  She concluded that it’s best to adopt skills that will change your eating and lifestyle habits for life.

Lose Weight and then Gain it All Back?